Van Leeuwenhoeck Institute offers the following products and services:

  • Company Research & Valuation
  • Road shows & Press Tours
  • Matchmaking
  • Contract research
  • Asset Management

Company Research & Due Diligence

Van Leeuwenhoeck provides continuing research coverage on both publicly traded and private Life Sciences companies.

The one-year coverage commences with an "institutional-quality” initial report, followed by three quarterly updates that are issued by the analyst following the release of subsequent quarterly earnings. Additionally, research notes issued periodically, comment on changes in our ratings or analyses or on major company announcements (such as a new breakthrough, new key personnel, new product developments). This package can be extended with specific intermediate updates which address certain news facts. As with all quality research programs, the analyst spends time with management and thoroughly reviews each company's industry and competitive position. The analyst maintains close contact with the management of the company during the course of the coverage cycle.

Part of the company research is a limited due diligence focused on: Management, Technology, Product Portfolio, Clinical Development, Strategic Alliances, Competition, Strategic Planning, Production Issues, Patent Position, Financials, Co-Investors, Company Valuation, Risk Analysis, Exit Models. The company is “x-rayed” by us resulting in a company valuation according to various accepted models specifically enhanced by us for the biotechnology market place.

Initial Report: The initial, institutional type report contains our own earnings model that is constructed from our own research. This model, together with a share valuation model, which the analyst constructs, provides the basis for our 6 - 12 month price target and investment recommendation.

Quarterly Updates: The corporate business and relevant industry events, along with both the earnings and valuation models, are updated in the quarterly reports. This includes our price targets and recommendations. These update reports are prepared and issued after quarterly earnings releases.

Research Notes: Given that markets are continually receiving new corporate information, Van Leeuwenhoeck Institute analysts issue research notes to immediately comment on corporate developments, as well as to change price targets and recommendations. These research notes are issued whenever the analyst desires to immediately communicate or comment on the impact of a corporate announcement or a change in competitive position or economic condition underlying the investment thesis for that company.

Road shows & Press Tours

With the Company Research reports you create a basis for enhanced visibility in the marketplace. You can significantly increase your visibility when you also choose to let us organise road shows. We distinguish two distinct target groups to address in the roadshows:

  • the analyst community
  • the press

We engage professional and specialised communication agencies with footholds in the Life Sciences sector and in the investment community specialised in biotech. De Mello’s extended contact database is a rich resource we tap. Road shows are organised per country and can take up to three days in three different cities if necessary. Specific details are being negotiated with the client.


Road shows (also) aimed at raising investment money with the investment community serve another purpose then merely visibility and awareness creation. In that case we offer our investment brokerage services (matchmaking) in the deal. Van Leeuwenhoeck Institute uses her own networks and those of selected international business partners to address the right investors, considerably increasing your chances of raising money for your next financing round.

Contract research

Research Reports for Life Sciences companies are primarily aimed at investors and the biotech industry in general. But we also address our research at financial companies such as investment bankers. Due to limited deal flow and increased costs involved in maintaining industry-specific analysts many banks do no longer invest in dedicated biotech analysts. In order to present their customers with up-to-date biotech market information procuring biotech research is a valid and cost-effective solution to this problem.

Asset Management

Van Leeuwenhoeck Institute has created three model portfolios:

  • Model portfolio I is focused at USA-listed biotech companies
  • Model portfolio II is focused at European biotech companies
  • Model portfolio III is focused at Asian and Australian biotech companies.

Each model portfolio has a multi-year track record. Every single company in each portfolio has a profile that is continuously kept up-to-date. Family Offices as well as Asset management departments of investment banks specialised in biotechnology may find these model portfolios a useful tool, that can also be offered to their customers. This allows them to buy in the specific expertise not at hand in their own company.